Mindfulness of Current Thoughts

Mindfulness of Current Thoughts is the skill of getting unhooked from our thoughts, giving us the freedom to choose how to respond to our thoughts.

How to do it:

1. Observe your thoughts. You can do this by noticing them as waves, coming and going, or clouds floating through the sky. We’re not analyzing, judging, or suppressing our thoughts. We’re simply acknowledging their presence.

2. Adopt a curious about your thoughts. You may ask yourself, where do these thoughts come from? 

3. Remember that you are not your thoughts. Recall times when you had different thoughts, felt differently, and how different your thoughts were then. 

4. Don’t block or suppress your thoughts. Ask yourself, what are the physical sensations connected to these thoughts that I’m trying to avoid? And ask yourself if you are willing to allow those sensations to be there. Allow your thoughts to come and go as you observe your breath. Get playful with your thoughts: repeat them as fast as you can. Sing them. Say them in a silly voice.