Radical Acceptance

Radical acceptance is accepting reality as it is, all the way, meaning with our mind, heart, and body. It's when we stop fighting reality, stop responding with destructive behaviors when things aren’t going as we want them to, and let go of bitterness. Radical acceptance allows us to move out of suffering to experience ordinary pain. Remember Pain X Non Acceptance = Suffering.

How to Practice Radical Acceptance

1) Notice that you’re not accepting reality, often accompanied by thoughts like: “Why me?” “Things should be different.” 

2. Remind yourself that reality is just as it is  (Ex: “It happened.”)

3. Remember that there are causes for this reality and that in light of the billions of things that came before it, things could not be any other way (Ex: “This is how it happened.”)

4. Practice accepting reality with your mind and body. Use skills like half-smiling and willing hands. Use self-validation. 

5. Practice opposite action, and consider what you would do if you accept reality.

6. Cope ahead by imagining accepting why you feel in this moment you “can’t” accept.

7. Remain mindful of physical sensations, like tension and stress, as you practice acceptance.

8. Become aware of and allow grief to arise within you.

9. Tell yourself that life can be worth living even when there is pain. 

10. Use the Pros and Cons skill to analyze the benefits of accepting and rejecting reality.