Self Soothe

Employ your five senses to soothe yourself.

Observe things that are pleasing and comforting to look at. Take in the beauty of nature, watch a sunset, walk through a park, or notice flowers. You can light a candle and watch the flame or look at an art book.


Listen to sounds that feel soothing to you. The sound of water flowing through a stream or waves of the ocean. Listen to your favorite artist or play a musical instrument. Or play a guided meditation.


Find smells you enjoy. The smells of nature, or fresh baked cookies. Burn a scented candle. Take a bath with your favorite soaps or put on your favorite body lotion.


Eat your favorite food or make a soothing cup of tea. Have a piece of dark chocolate or chew some gum. Whatever you choose, focus on really tasting the food one item at a time.


Engaging in sensations of touch that are comforting. Put on your favorite robe or sweatshirt. Pet your dog or cat. Sink into a comfy chair. Take a warm bath, or curl up in your favorite blanket.