Use these skills to distract yourself from what's stressing you out in the moment.


Pick an highly engaging activity that will keep your attention away from what's stressing you out! For example:
- Watch a favorite show
- play a video game or do a puzzle
- clean up a room or an area of your home
- hang out with a friend or someone in your family
- read a book


Focus on helping someone else out. For example:
- Help a friend or family member with a project
- Donate items you no longer need
- Surprising a co-worker with a coffee
- Send a “thinking of you” text to someone you care about


Cultivate a sense of gratitude by doing one of the following:
- remind yourself how fortunate you are in some areas of your life
- Remember the progress you have made in an area of your life (even when more progress is needed)
- Think about others who may be dealing with similar issues and connect with a sense of common humanity. 


Active opposite emotions from what you're feeling right now. For example:
- If you're feeling down, listen to uplifting music.
- If you're feeling anxious, listen to relaxing music.
- If you're feeling scared, watch a comedy show.

Pushing Away

Give yourself a break from your thoughts, picture yourself doing it:
- Build an imaginary wall of bricks between your and your problems.
- Take a picture of your current situation and put it in a box that you can place on the shelf.
- Image your thoughts on a piece of paper that you fold into a paper airplane and send off into the wind.


Take your mind off your problems by putting other thoughts into your mind:
- Count backward from 100
- Say the alphabet backward
- Count all the shades of a certain color in the room
- Repeat a mantra or the words to your favorite song in your head


Embrace sensations that are different than what you're feeling right now. Or, pick any intense distraction sensation to embrace:
- If you're feeling hot, take a cold shower.
- If you're feeling cold, take a hot shower.
- Cut open a lemon or lime and take a bite.
- Hold an ice cube in your hand.