Support your clients.
Enhance your practice with Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

As a therapist, your ultimate goal is the well-being of your clients. Our program provides added support for your emotionally sensitive clients. Introducing them to DBT skills is an effective supplement to individual therapy. Plus, enhance your own knowledge of DBT in the process when your client shares access to our course content.

You have emotionally sensitive clients, we have skills that will help.

For therapists who have clients with therapy-interfering behaviors, DBT skills are a game changer. Get the extra support you need to deliver the best possible client outcomes.

Our DBT skills program runs for 22 weeks and includes all 4 modules: Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Tuition starts at $55 per week.

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Therapy Interfering Behaviors

Struggle with emotion regulation
Experience impulsivity
Frequent rumination
Difficulty coping with stress
Challenges focusing attention
Limited interpersonal skills
Lack of mindfulness

Support for your clients (and for you)

For Your Clients

  • 1 free week of the program
  • DBT skills to effectively manage their emotions and get the most from therapy
  • Support from a DBT trained coach and a peer group

For You

  • Ability to help your clients save money on a skills program
  • Clients can provide access to self-paced course materials (including 6+ hours of instructional video)*
  • Opportunity to co-create mental health resources and social media content

*We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical practice and compliance. We recognize that therapists operate under strict ethical guidelines, and we respect these boundaries in all our interactions. Please note, access to our course materials is provided upon request of our student as an additional resource to coordinate care and is not contingent upon client referrals. Furthermore, clients are not under any obligation to share these materials with their therapists.

Itzel M.
Palo Alto, CA
"I've been working with this client for over a year now, and I know she has shown up for herself with diligence, and having this resource has been key in helping drive her treatment. Thank you so much TheraHive."
"Working with you as my therapist while having TheraHive help me learn DBT skills has been a powerful combination. it's changed my life and I am so grateful."
Cynthia Z.
Los Angeles, CA

How it works

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Once your client completes the checkout process and uses your code, they can share access to TheraHive’s curriculum!

A smarter approach to learning DBT skills

Report a Benefit

Most students say that their mental health improved after taking one of our DBT modules.

Completion Rate

On average less that 15% of learners complete online courses. At TheraHive, it's over 95%

Learn More About Our Program

DBT is one of the most researched and effective interventions for emotional sensitivity (and a range of other issues).

Our program combines self-paced multi-modal learning with weekly live sessions. 

Our curriculum is designed by two master DBT psychologists: Dr. Alicia Smart and Dr. Jesse Finkelstein.

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