Advanced DBT Skills Group: From Competency to Mastery

January 16, 2024
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Imagine a space where your DBT skills evolve from being good enough to truly masterful. TheraHive's new online Advanced DBT Skills Group is that space. Tailored for individuals who have previously completed a DBT program, this group provides an opportunity for you to refine and perfect DBT skills in a dynamic, supportive environment.

Advanced DBT Skills Group - A Step Beyond

TheraHive's Advanced DBT Skills Group differs from traditional courses. Here, you are not just consuming content; you are actively engaging in a journey towards mastery. With weekly live sessions, access to a comprehensive DBT course, and personalized coaching options, this group is more than a course - it's a pathway to advanced skill application.

Laser-Focused on Your Goals at Every Step

Most students have specific mental health goals in mind when they join us. That’s why we create a unique Advanced DBT Skills Plan for every student. Upon joining, you collaborate with a coach to create a custom skills plan, directly linked to your SMART goals. This plan strategically outlines the DBT skills to focus on for the next three months, ensuring alignment with your objectives as you learn and grow. 

Group Course Overview

  • Weekly Live Sessions: Engage in weekly 1-hour sessions with a DBT-trained coach, focusing on the skills you wish to refine.
  • Course Access: Full access to our self-paced DBT skills course, allowing you to revisit and deepen your understanding of core concepts.
  • Small Groups: Limited to 10 students per group, fostering a close-knit community for maximum support and effective learning.
  • 1:1 Coaching Option: Available for students who seek additional, personalized guidance.
  • Exceptional Student Rating: Consistently rated 4.8 for its effectiveness and supportive environment.

Tailoring Your Journey Towards Mastery

The DBT Skills Learning Journey

The beauty of this program lies in its flexibility and focus on individual growth. Whether you're working on emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, or distress tolerance, the group adapts to your current learning needs. This approach contrasts with structured courses that guide students from zero to general competency.

Example: Mastering Distress Tolerance

Experiencing more than the usual amount of stress recently and want to take your distress tolerance skills to the highest level? In our group, you can focus solely on this skill during live sessions, practice with peers, and receive feedback from your coach. This targeted approach accelerates your journey from simply understanding the skill to applying it masterfully in real-life scenarios.

Reminder: Continuous Growth

Remember, mastering DBT skills is a journey. Our Advanced DBT Skills Group is designed to support you every step of the way, from reinforcing basic concepts to refining advanced techniques. You're not just learning; you're evolving.

Join the Advanced DBT Skills Group Now!

Take your DBT skills to the next level with TheraHive's Advanced DBT Skills Group. Designed for continuous growth and mastery, this group is your next step in the journey towards emotional well-being. Join Now.

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