Discover Your Core Values with TheraHive’s Personal Values Card Sort [Worksheet]

Jan 17
7 min read

Have you ever felt adrift, unsure of what truly matters to you? While life keeps us busy with its constant demands, it's important to make time to pause and reflect on our core beliefs. TheraHive introduces a unique, interactive tool to help you do just that - the Personal Values Card Sort.

Introducing TheraHive’s Personal Values Card Sort

It’s easy and understandable for busy people to lose sight of our guiding principles. However, understanding and prioritizing our values can pave the path to purposeful living. For therapists, values cards have long been a tool to aid in introspection and clarity.

The history of the personal values cards in the world of mental health dates back to 2011 when a group of psychologists at the University of New Mexico got together to work on a tool to help people gain clarity on their values and to aid introspection. TheraHive’s version of this tool is indebted to the work of researchers and psychologists including William R. Miller, PhD, Janet C’de Baca, PhD, Daniel B. Matthews, PhD, & Paula L. Wilbourne, PhD from the University of New Mexico Department of Psychology.

Our Personal Values Card Sort is a set of 100 cards, each highlighting a distinct value. From "Adventure" to "Wisdom," these cards are designed for you to reflect upon, categorize based on their importance, and eventually, choose the ones that resonate the most with you.

Why Try the Personal Values Card Sort?

Navigating through these cards can be a journey of self-discovery. They act as mirrors, reflecting what's truly important to us. Moreover, it's not just a solo activity. It's a fun, engaging game to play with family and loved ones, offering insights into each other's core beliefs.

By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your guiding principles, helping you make decisions more aligned with your inner self.

How to Use These Cards

Have you got a printer and a pair of scissors? Great! That’s all you need. Download the 12-page document containing the cards with the link below, and follow the instructions. The design makes it easy (and fun) for you to cut out the 100 cards. And that’s when the real introspection begins.

The Personal Values Card Sort helps you figure out what values are most important to you. Start by sorting the cards into five groups: Not Important, Somewhat Important, Important, Very Important, and Most Important. Then, choose your top 5-10 values. If you have too many or too few in the "Most Important" group, adjust accordingly. Each card has a number to help you keep track of your choices, with 1 being your most important value.

After sorting the cards, think deeply about your choices. Ask yourself questions like, "What does this value really mean to me?", "Why did I pick this as important?", and "How do I show this value in my life?" This part of the exercise is about understanding why these values matter to you. It's a chance to learn more about what guides your decisions and actions.

Download and Dive In

Download The Personal Values Card Sort Now [PDF]

Find and Embrace Your True Self

Our values shape our choices, actions, and ultimately, our lives. With TheraHive’s Personal Values Card Sort, we aim to offer a tool that brings clarity and alignment. So, the next time you're at a crossroads, let your values guide you.

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