Accommodating a Range of Learning Styles: A Look Inside TheraHive’s Unique Online Courses

Jan 17
7 min read

In an era where most educational courses are adapted and retrofitted to be delivered online, TheraHive’s approach is different. Our courses are built from the ground up for online learning. Every detail is thoughtfully designed to offer an immersive, accessible, and impactful learning experience. We've utilized our deep understanding of various learning styles and our commitment to inclusivity to create a unique learning environment that caters to all students.

Multimodal Content: A Cornerstone of TheraHive’s Approach

At TheraHive, we embrace the diversity of our learners—and our learners come to us from around the globe. We understand that everyone has their preferred learning style, and we make it a point to cater to these styles through multimodal content—multimodal is a technical way of describing content delivered in various formats. Whether you're a visual learner who grasps information through images and video or an auditory learner who absorbs knowledge best through audio, we've got you covered.

Our courses are designed with a combination of written content, audio, video, and interactive experiences to cater to your unique learning style. These varied learning modalities ensure an engaging and enriching learning experience for every student, no matter how they learn best.

Feedback and Self-Reflection

One of the standout features of our courses is the opportunity for students to record themselves. This unique approach allows learners to step back and reflect on their learning journey from a distance, facilitating a deeper level of introspection and self-awareness.

Furthermore, our trained coaches are able to  provide feedback on these recordings. This personalized attention helps ensure that each learner's progress is tracked meticulously and any learning gaps are quickly identified and addressed.

Blending Self-Paced Learning with Live Online Sessions

At TheraHive, we understand the importance of flexibility in learning. That's why our courses are designed to blend self-paced learning with live online sessions led by our trained coaches. This blended approach allows learners to absorb course material at their own pace while still benefiting from the structure and interaction provided by live sessions.

Our live sessions provide the opportunity for learners to interact with their coach and their peers, creating a collaborative learning environment. We keep our groups small to ensure individualized attention, facilitating a more personalized and effective learning journey for each student.


Fostering a Collaborative Learning Environment Through Discussions

One of the unique features of our learning platform is our discussion spaces. We recognize the value of interaction and collaboration in the learning process, so we've created spaces for learners to interact not just during live sessions but anytime they are engaged with our platform. These discussions enable students to connect with their group members and coach outside of live sessions, fostering a vibrant learning community beyond the confines of scheduled classes.

The discussions serve as a platform where learners can raise questions, share insights, and provide peer-to-peer feedback as they work through our self-paced content. This fosters an environment of continuous learning and engagement, ensuring learners are never alone in their journey. This added layer of communication ensures that no question goes unanswered, no insight is unshared, and no learner is unsupported. The result? A collaborative, interactive, and immersive learning experience like no other.

Regular Mini-Assessments: Ensuring No Learner is Left Behind

To ensure that every student progresses as expected, we've incorporated regular mini-assessments into our courses. These assessments allow us to monitor each learner's progress and provide additional support if anyone falls behind. This proactive approach ensures that every learner remains on track and achieves their learning objectives. We also offer 1:1 coaching sessions for those learners who miss a session or need a little extra support.

Commitment to Accessibility

We firmly believe that education should be accessible to everyone. To this end, all our videos have closed captions, and we've made concerted efforts to make our program accessible to all students, regardless of their abilities. We're continually making our courses more inclusive, ensuring everyone can benefit from the TheraHive learning experience.

At TheraHive, we're not just adapting to the world of online learning — we're reshaping it. By building our courses specifically for online delivery, we've created a learning environment that truly caters to the needs and preferences of modern learners. We're proud to provide a rich, interactive, and inclusive learning experience that supports all students on their educational journey.

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