Introducing the AI-Powered TheraHive DBT Skills Coach

Jan 17
7 min read

At TheraHive, our mission is to make DBT more accessible. In pursuit of this goal, we're excited to introduce the TheraHive DBT Skills Coach. This virtual assistant, powered by AI, is designed to bring DBT into the modern age and support practitioners in real-time. It's an innovative tool for those seeking immediate assistance in applying DBT skills.

Using Tech to Make DBT More Accessible

Phone coaching has always been an integral part of the DBT learning experience — it allows individuals to receive guidance from their therapist in real-life situations. However, consistent access to a therapist is a luxury not everyone can afford. Additionally, therapists can't always provide immediate feedback, which is vital for learning and applying DBT skills effectively. The TheraHive DBT Skills Coach addresses this gap by offering 24/7 support.

Your Always-Available DBT Companion

Fully trained in our comprehensive DBT curriculum, the TheraHive DBT Skills Coach can provide text and voice-based skill support for those that may not have access to traditional phone coaching or that lack access to a therapist. With this tool, immediate feedback is just a conversation away, any time of the day.

Demo: Let’s Look at TheraHive DBT Coach in Action

How to Access TheraHive DBT Coach

Currently, to access the TheraHive DBT Skills Coach, a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription is required. When you have your ChatGPT pro subscription, simply login and visit the this link

Just Ask It Some Questions and Get Started!

Here are some ways start putting this tool to work for you:

  • Skills Coaching: “I’m trying to use the STOP skill and I got stuck, can you help me figure out how to do it successfully?”
  • Managing Emotions in Real-Time: "I'm feeling overwhelmed with anxiety right now. What DBT skill can I use to manage this intense emotion?"
  • Crisis Survival Strategies: "I'm facing a really stressful situation at work and I'm not sure how to cope without getting upset. Can you guide me through a DBT crisis survival skill?"
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: "I have a difficult conversation coming up with a friend. How can I use DBT skills to communicate effectively and maintain my self-respect?"
  • Mindfulness Practice Guidance: "I'm having trouble staying present and mindful in my daily activities. Can you suggest a DBT mindfulness exercise for me?"
  • Handling Impulsive Behaviors: "I often react impulsively when I'm angry. What DBT skill can help me pause and choose a more effective response?"
  • Building Mastery and Resilience: "I want to feel more competent and confident in handling life's challenges. Which DBT skill can help me build mastery and resilience?"
  • Improving Self-Care Practices: "I struggle with self-care and often neglect my own needs. Can you provide a DBT skill that focuses on improving self-care?"
  • Distress Tolerance in Difficult Times: "I'm going through a really tough time and finding it hard to tolerate the distress. What DBT technique can I use to get through this?"
  • Enhancing Emotional Regulation: "I experience intense mood swings that are hard to control. Which DBT skill can assist me in regulating my emotions more effectively?"
  • Practicing Radical Acceptance: "I'm struggling to accept a situation that I cannot change. Can you guide me through the process of radical acceptance using DBT?"

Version One: The Beginning of a Journey

We acknowledge that this is just the first version of the TheraHive DBT Skills Coach. We are committed to continuous improvement and eagerly await your feedback to enhance its functionality. Our aim is to make this tool more sophisticated and helpful with each update.

Whether you are a student of DBT, a practicing therapist, or someone exploring DBT for personal growth, the TheraHive DBT Skills Coach is here to support you. It's more than just a tool; it's a partner in your journey towards mastering DBT skills.

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